One Story

When the archive was new, there was to be a performance of Samuel Beckett’s classic, Waiting for Godot in a venue distant from the center of Fringe activity. Given the known sensitivity of this particular playwright, the director decided to play it safe, calling the Beckett estate in France for permission. They were amused at the request. “Of course. You need not have asked for such a purpose!”

The day came for the filming. Perhaps because of the distance of the venue or the extreme competition from other shows. There was no audience. The theatre remained empty. Camera and videographer occupied the only space in the large theatre. The director emerged from behind the curtain just after the show was scheduled to start. He was apologetic: “I will need to ask the actors if they still want to perform—no tickets have been sold today.” As he disappeared, the videographer began to pack his equipment.

Minutes later, the director returned. “We will be honoured to perform as best we can,” he said. “We are waiting for Godot.”