Archive in Brief

**Diversity: Shows selected for recording for their cultural and historical significance. All performance genres included (theatre, comedy, dance, children’s shows, musical performances). The recordings are for historical and archival purposes. Broadcast is explicitly forbidden.

**Footage for performers. All shows may receive a copy of their footage for personal use.

**Preservation: Fringe performance recordings will be preserved in the National Library of Scotland as a “dark archive” available for viewing only after a ten year moratorium.

**Spirit of the Fringe footage (High Street, venue atmosphere, Cavalcade) and interviews with key individuals.

**High definition digital recording. No technical support (sound, lights) is required by the venue or company. No fee is required of artists/performers/venue. All staff and technical associates (videographers, sound recordists, etc.) of the Fringe Performance Archive work on a voluntary basis.

**Permissions. Written consent is required. Consent forms have been developed with the collaboration of Maclay, Murray and Spens LLP (Scottish soliticitors with Intellectual Property as a primary practice area). This agreement protects the interests of the National Library of Scotland in historical preservation and accessibility, as well as the interests of artists and performers in preserving their work while maintaining control over their products.

**Footage is not available for broadcast. The purpose of the Fringe Performance Archive is to make recordings available for education (future students), research (future scholars), and inspiration (future performers).

**Originals of these performance recordings shall be a permanent gift to the National Library of Scotland. Recordings may not be viewed for ten years subsequent to the date of acquisition. The Library will make these recordings accessible to users and patrons in accord with its mission of enlightenment and historical record keeping. Following the moratorium, users and patrons will be provided access on premises of the NLS (or premises licensed and represented by the NLS) for non-commercial and non-distributive private research and viewing.

**Reference Format for artists and publicists. SHOW TITLE. COMPANY/ARTIST NAME. Performed at the YEAR Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Selected for Historical Preservation by the Fringe Performance Archive and conserved in the National Library of Scotland.

**Removal of recordings. The Fringe Performance Archive is a Limited Liability Company whose purpose is to make video recordings for donation to the National Library of Scotland for permanent, historical preservation. Before the date of donation (typically within two years of making the recording) the recording may be removed from the archive at any time, by a request in writing and verification of the request. Where the donation of the recording to the NLS has occurred, and the depositor desires to reclaim the recording, the withdrawal is subject to the policies and procedures of the NLS.

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